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This site is run by Tom Sparrow, an IT professional in the UK. It may not look like a professional site, but that's because I don't use it much and haven't done anything to the design since the last century. If you're here to see what I can do, you'd be better looking at my employers or my church site.

I maintain a LinkedIn profile for professional purposes, and a twitter account for personal use. My Skype account is tomwsparrow.
I'm not on Facebook (I mention this, as everyone seems to expect me to be, and there are plenty of other Tom Sparrows in the world who are)

Emails from this domain are from me and my family, and the occasional spammer who spoofs the domain (this is particularly true of the 'webmaster' address). If you get a dodgy email, and replies are bouncing, I apologise, but honestly it's not my server sending them out.